Defenestrate the bifurcators!



I’m Ferdinand Majerech, aka Kiith-Sa. I’m an Informatics student from Slovakia.

Most of my work has something to do with computers and game development.


I’m working as part of Stellarium project, an open source planetarium, improving its graphics code.

In recent years I also worked on a few small libraries related to game development in the D programming language.


Programming is my greatest hobby. I use D whenever possible as I like how it combines raw performance with high-level features. I also like to use Python and C++.

Sadly, my university also exposed me to Java.


MiniINI is an extremely fast(est?) C++ INI parser that suffers from terminal premature optimization, and is probably dead.

D:YAML is a YAML parser/emitter in D based on PyYAML.

D:GameVFS is a virtual file system in D that currently can’t do much more than stack directories.

Other projects in various stages of completion can be found here.